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Endurance T50 Walking Treadmill

The Endurance T50 Treadmill is a unique treadmill designed in particular for walkers, seniors, rehab facilities, aged care, retirement homes, physiotherapists or those users who require a very slow start speed and sturdy extended rehab handrails. It features an access ramp, a weight capacity of 140kgs, a wide stable platform with an oversized computer display and buttons allowing ease of use and a magnetic safety lanyard providing safety.

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Features normally only found on Hospital Grade Rehabilitation Treadmills:
Safety & Support – Full Length Medical Style Handrails
While most other ‘walking’ treadmills feature ¼ to ½ length handrails, the T50 goes the extra mile with full length hand rails for both safety and support. Each rail is fully padded and is a full 2 inches thick thus adding an extra level of comfort.

Durable High Torque Motor
The high torque motor has been tuned to meet the needs of today’s seniors and rehab users and is capable of moving a user of up to 310lbs (140kgs) from 0.2 kph to 8 kph in 0.1 kph increments.

0.2kph Slow Start Speed
The slow start speed of 0.2kph and speed increments of only 0.1kph provides features normally only found in hospital grade rehabilitation treadmills. This is perfect for even the most fragile of seniors, aged care users, retirement villages, physiotherapists, children or for those looking to recover from injury and require a slow speed.

Easy Access Ramp & Orthopaedic Walking Belt for Comfort
Any user will find the T50 easy to access with its belt wide rear entry ramp and 17.75” wide x 51" long (45cm x130cm) orthopaedic walking belt to reduce impact to knees, hips and joints.

Easy Low Access From Ground of only 4” (10cm)
Not only does the T50 feature the easy access rear entry ramp but it also has practically the lowest access from ground of any treadmill of only 4”.

Easy to Read Display
The Endurance Fitness T50 Treadmill features 3 Jumbo 1 ¾” big blue LED displays devoted to Time / Distance, Speed, and Heart Rate / Calories.

Easy to Use Feedback Monitor
At a time when the prevailing thought in treadmill design is more is better, Endurance Fitness has truly listened to its customers and taken out the confusion and waste of too many frills and needless programs, and come up with a simple yet functional treadmill that simply gets the job done. In addition all interface buttons are oversized and easy to use Start / Stop / + Speed / - Speed : Simple!

Safety Stop Magnetic Lanyard
The T50 Treadmill comes with an emergency magnetic safety lanyard that at any time when pulled from the Monitor, will safely stop the treadmill. Attached to the user when the treadmill is in use, a fall or loss of control will pull the lanyard and safely stop the treadmill. As the treadmill cannot be used without the magnet, it acts as a key and its removal will prevent unwanted users or children from using the treadmill when not supervised.

Technical Details
•  Full length thick hand rails providing comfort and stability to the most frail of users.
•  High torque motor allowing a heavy user to be moved at a slow speed
•  Maximum User weight of 140kg
•  Wide Rear Entry with Easy Access Ramp
•  Large Stable Walking Belt of 17.75” Wide x 51” Long (45cm x130cm)
•  Orthopaedic Walking Belt
•  Speeds starting at an extra slow 0.2 kph to 8 kph in 0.1 kph increments
•  Magnetic Safety Lanyard
•  Pulse Rate Handgrips on each Handrail

•  Jumbo 1 ¾” big blue LED displays
•  Display shows Distance Taken, Walking Time, Calories Burned, Pulse Rate and Speed.
•  Oversized Interface Buttons

•  Base Frame Width excluding Handrails 25” Wide (63.5cm)
•  Walking Belt only 4” off ground (10cm) – the Lowest access of any treadmill
•  Assembled Dimensions 193cm Long x 75cm Wide x 135cm High

    Endurance T50 Walking TreadmillEndurance T50 Walking TreadmillEndurance T50 Walking Treadmill
    Endurance T50 Walking TreadmillEndurance T50 Walking TreadmillEndurance T50 Walking Treadmill

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