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AusCo Wall Single Pulley Plate Loaded Unilateral Pulley System

The AusCo Wall Pulley Single Plate Loaded Unilateral Pulley System is an Australian Made Wall Mounted Pulley System and is strong and sturdy. Its simple design and operation makes it easy for a wide variety of people to use.

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  • AusCo Unilateral Pulley System
  • Simple Design provides Ease of Operation
  • Permits smooth weight resised exercises of 1 arm or 1 leg at any one time.
  • The amount of resistance can be varied independently
  • Swivel type connections allow for an infinite range of directions and angles both in a horizontal and vertical direction.
  • The Pulley is supplied complete with standard accessories including an adjustable ankle and a single loop handle. Further accessories are available as options.
  • Unit bolts straight to the wall for easy installation and saves space.
  • Weight Range 0.5kg starting weight to 7kg (using included weights) which can then be further increased using further weights (optional).
  • Weights included are: 4 x 500g, 4 x 1.25kg


  • Compact footprint - Approximate Dimensions 2200 H x 400 W x 400mm D (from Wall)


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