Standing Frames

A standing frame (also known as a stand, stander, standing technology, standing aid, standing device, standing box, tilt table) is assistive technology that can be used by a person who relies on a wheelchair for mobility.

A standing frame provides alternative positioning to sitting in a wheelchair by supporting the person in the standing position.

Our range of Standing Frames includes the Struzzo Independent Standing Frame that has an electronic sit to stand feature and has powered wheels allowing the user to move independently over ground.


  • The aids from the STRUZZO Series enable the user to transfer quickly, without help from a carer. Once the upright position is achieved, it will be possible to perform everyday activities and move on a flat surface

Easy Up

  • The standing aids from the EASY UP Series help seek the upright position actively, as they have a support structure that accompanies the user throughout the standing sequence.

Stand Up

  • The models from the STAND UP Series offer various solutions to satisfy the personal needs of a large number of users, according to the user’s motor capabilities and the availability of assistance.

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