Unix Therapy Table Couch Plinths

The Unix line is made up of couches for medical examinations or physical therapy that are also suitable for use in limited spaces due to the absence of lateral movement of the segments when adjusting the height. These couches are also recommended for use with therapy pulley systems such as the ARCHIMEDE system. The height adjustment on the couch can be electrical or hydraulic, depending on the model. In the case of electrical adjustment, various solutions are available such as a hand control / foot switch / foot rail, depending on the model. The head section can be 68 cm long to act as a backrest as well, and can easily be adjusted to a positive angle of up to +70° using an ergonomic control on the couch frame and gas spring (ref. base codes LC111 – LC121). Alternatively, the head section can be 52 cm long and adjusted to a positive angle of up to +85° and negative angle of up to -35°, with the added possibility of armrests for greater relaxation of the arms during therapy sessions (ref. base codes LC112 - LC122 - LC123). In both cases the head section has a breathing hole. It is necessary to check carefully whether or not the model you choose comes with the padded plug for this hole. The couch can also be fitted with wheels and a centralised braking system to facilitate transfers. If you are interested in this option, it must be indicated at the time of purchase. The maximum safe working load is 170 kg or 200-250 kg, depending on the model or the hydraulic or electrical version. There is a choice of 20 colours for the upholstery. Posture cushions of various shapes and sizes can also be requested, to be used with the couch and with the same colour upholstery.



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