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Archimedes Pulley Therapy System is an open pulley therapy system that offers a variety of different types of exercises to meet the requirements of both professionals and patients. It consists of modular frames that adapt to any operational needs and available space, a series of harnesses for the body regions and a number of other tools to complete the required equipment. ARCHIMEDES Pulley Therapy System allows creativity in defining specific rehabilitation programs.

Single HiLow Pulley Ercolina Rehab Station

The Single HiLow Pulley Ercolina Rehab Selectorised Station is simple to use yet offers great versatility.

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  • Equipment designed to perform counter-resistance strengthening exercises for upper and lower limbs.
  • Exercises can be performed in all directions, either standing or seated, and with limited variable loads applied by means of weights.
  • It also gives you the option of adjusting and locking the pulley in any intermediate position along the whole frame length up to 220 cm. Adjustment is very easy and doesn’t require any tools, as there is simply a sliding action along a chromed bar.
  • The construction is made from coated steel and intended for use as a wall-mounted application.
  • It is supplied with a set of 10 weights of 1 kg each and 1 weight of 0,5 kg. 
  • Fasteners are included though further or alternative fasteners may be required depending on your wall type.


  • Dimensions: L200 x W330 x h2200 mm
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Working Load Limit: 10 kg

    Single HiLow Pulley Ercolina Rehab StationSingle HiLow Pulley Ercolina Rehab StationSingle HiLow Pulley Ercolina Rehab Station
    Single HiLow Pulley Ercolina Rehab Station

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