Occupational Therapy

Current trends to be seen in all areas of rehabilitation call for clinical practices to be ever more oriented towards tasks and ecological contexts, for exercise to be ever more meaningful for the patient, simple, and self-evident. This means that an important feature of the rehabilitation process is the introduction of various items used on a day-to-day basis and used by the patient, in order to experience how to grip these properly. The added value of intensive protocols is well known, as is the importance of supervision for repeating the correct gesture.

Along with the aids proposed, monitoring systems are recommended for positional biofeedback, that can be applied easily and make it possible to make exercise ever more correct, also as regards the control near the trunk. Once the defect / compensation to be monitored has been identified, and the feedback device has been positioned and calibrated for the patient, the subject can exercise independently, extending their activity beyond the time the therapist is able to give them, while guaranteeing high quality exercise.

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