Monark has over 90 years’ experience of bicycle production. A tradition that has yielded know-how, experience, and a real feel for the product and quality. Since the early 1900s, Monark’s cycles have been living proof of precision, reliability, strength and service.

Monark manufactures, develops and markets cycle and arm ergometers and exercise bikes for upper and lower body cardiovascular training, transport bikes and specialised bicycles. Monark's largest customer groups are within health care, sports medicine, public authorities, industry and postal services.

    Monark History

    A century has passed since the first Monark bike left the factory. Today, Monark has achieved recognition as the leading brand worldwide. A large part of this success is based on their professional pride and history. Monark takes pride in manufacturing products and recognize their value customers. The Monark brand has become synonymous with quality, durability and precision.

    There have been many changes in society since the first ergometer was developed. These changes have brought new techniques and technologies but the laws of physics remain the same. At Monark they follow these technological developments and apply them to their products with the overall goal of enabling customers to measure simply and accurately.

    When you choose Monark, you are choosing knowledge. Each Monark ergometer is designed not only as a testing tool but also as a medical measuring instrument.

    Monark Product Range

    Monark Sports & Medical is a section of Monark Exercise AB with a focus on products for testing and training in Medicine, Sports, Healthcare and Rehabilitation.

    Monark's vision is with knowledge and engagement to serve you with the right products for your needs.

    1. Monark Healthcare
    2. Monark Medical
    3. Monark SportsMedicine

    Monark Product Range

    Monark has developed an extensive range of products for use in Rehabilitation, Sports and Healthcare facilites worldwide:

    1. Monark Fitness Cycle Trainers
    2. Monark Fitness Testing Cycle Trainers
    3. Monark Arm Ergometers
    4. Monark Rehab Upper / Lower Body Trainers

    Monark Product Range




    Sports Medicine

    Monark Products developed for active health improvement and rehabilitation.
    The distinguishing features of these products are their user-friendly design and construction for individuals and test administrators. Their modern look and functionality make these products ideal for all types of facilities. The healtcare product line facilitates health awareness and fitness.
    Monark Products for fitness tests and worktests within hospitals and institutions with high demands of accuracy required. Bikes are completely adjusted for use with other systems for example ECG and Spirometri. Mainly they should be controlled by other systems and give information back. Because a lot of the users are elderly people, it is important that the monitors are easy to adjust and simple to use.  Experts and demanding customers using Monark for tests, training and research in sports medicine are the core of Monark. Monark products are developed to withstand extreme workloads with a real bike feel and reliable readings. To guarantee accurate readings during testing and research, it is crucial to be able to calibrate and control the ergometer. Monark Sports & Medical products meet and exceed these demands. 
    Monark 900 Series Features:
    > Easy entrance frame for easy use
    > 250 kg (550lb) is standard for max user weight
    > Upright cycling position which is merciful for the back
    > Quickrelease for adjustment of saddle and handlebar
    Monark 800 Series Features:
    > True cycling position
    > Low maintenance
    > Easy to control and calibrate
    > Built to withstand high workloads and heavy use over time
    > Actual cycling feeling even at high workloads, due to the solid frame and well balanced flywheel 22kg
    Appropriate Monark Models:
    Sparr Rehab 808/809
    Compact rehab 871E
    Rehab Trainer 881E
    Cardio Care 927E
    Cardio Care 927X
    ProVo2 928E
    Ergomedic 939E
    Ergometer 928E
    Appropriate Monark Models:
    Ergomedic 839 Medical
    Ergomedic 939 Medical
    Appropriate Monark Models:
    Cardio Care 827E
    Cardio Care 827X
    Ergomedic 828E
    Ergomedic 839E
    Ergomedic 874E
    Cardio Rehab 891E
    Ergomedic 894E Peak Bike

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