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Monark 837E Recumbent Bike

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A product based on Monark’s classic concept, combining quality, comfort and function. Low step, smart solutions and an attractive design provide a recumbent for health care and rehabilitation. Measuring of heart rate in handlebars. Chestbelt is optional.

Large,well-balanced fl ywheel 22 kg (48 lbs).
Easy access with low frame entry.
Powder painted.
Wheels for easy transport.
Adjustable backsupport height.
User-friendly electronics with measuring of heart rate in handlebars.
Chestbelt is optional.

Electronic display
Shows pedal-turns per minute (RPM),
heart rate in beats per minute (HR),
cycling-time in minutes and seconds (TIME),
intended cycling speed in km/miles per hour (SPEED)
plus distance covered in km/miles (DISTANCE)

Accesories Available
Chestbelt, extra foot plates.

Technical specifications
Width 665 mm (26”) at saddle.
Width 460 mm (18”) at support tubes.
Length 1700-2000 mm (67-79”) varies with the adjustable front unit.
Distance between pedals and saddle
can be adjusted from 490 mm (19”) to 890 mm (35”).
Height 980 mm (39”) at seat.
Height 800 mm (31”) at front.
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs).
Max userweight 250 kg (550 lbs).

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