Monark Products for fitness tests and worktests within hospitals and institutions with high demands of accuracy required. Bikes are completely adjusted for use with other systems for example ECG and Spirometri. Mainly they should be controlled by other systems and give information back. Because a lot of the users are elderly people, it is important that the monitors are easy to adjust and simple to use.


Monark 839E Ergomedic Bike SALE

Monark 839E Ergomedic Bike

The bike is built to handle heavy loads, which often is the case when performing tests on firefighters, police, pilots, military. 839E is speed independent, which means that you can pedal with different frequency maintaining constant power output.

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Monark 939E Ergomedic Fitness Testing Medical Bike SALE

Monark 939E Ergomedic Fitness Testing Medical Bike

This bike is developed for aerobic and work tests, and is ideal for customers who wants to save and analyse data easily. This model has a unique breaking system which can be controlled before, during and after the test.

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