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Rehabilitation Treadmills for use with Anti Gravity Unweighing Systems from LiteGait. Rehab Technology brings you the most extensive range of Rehabilitation and Medical Treadmills available in Australia. We focus on treadmills with slow starting speeds, longer handrails, emergency stop buttons and other safety features making them more suitable for hospital and clinical use in Physiotherapy Private and Public use.


RehabRunner Med2.50 Rehabilitation Treadmill

The RehabRunner Med2 Rehabilitation Treadmill has a 22" x 63" belt and a 500lbs Maximum Weight Capacity. 7.5" step up height, 0.1mph starting speed (0.1kph - 19.3kph Speed Range), Cushioning utilizes the VFXPlus shock absorption system. With a near to zero starting speed of 0.1kph, the treadmill comes standard with extended medical handrails. TGA Listed.

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Landice L8 Rehabilitation Treadmill - this treadmill has been used in the treatment of the most acute neurological or post-operative conditions, to training world-class athletes.

The Landice Rehabilitation L8 treadmill is the world’s most versatile solution for rehabilitative, medical, and sports conditioning therapy.

The Landice L8 Rehabilitation Treadmill uses the most Powerful Drive Motor - Landice use a 4  horsepower continuous-duty drive motor. Made in the USA, this motor can continuously deliver 4 hp without overheating.

Wearing the safety lanyard with magnetic key switch provides added security should you need to stop quickly during your fitness routine.

The Shock Absorption System Landice Treadmills feature is the " Softer than Grass" VFX shock absorption system.

Landice use a high-inertia cast flywheel which not only provides for a smooth feel, it also protects the motor and electronics from damaging foot-plant spikes that reduce life.

The L8 Rehabilitation uses large diameter rollers whch require less tension than smaller rollers since they have more surface area to grab the belt.

The Landice L8 model comes with a long list of impressive standard features, please see below. In addition the Landice Rehabilitation treadmills come with a 6 year warranty on all parts due to manufacturers defects when powered by a 10amp dedicated power circuit. Landice are completely manufactured in New Jersey USA, and have been for 43 years, and are sold to facilities all over the world.

• Zero starting speed
• Extended parallel medical handrails
• 300 micro-amp Isolation Leakage Kit
• 0.1 to 12.0 mph (0.16km to 19.3km)
• Ultra high-torque drive 4 HP continuous-duty motor
• 15% elevation, and decline, via independent elevation motor
• VFX shock absorption system
• Patient-attachable safety lanyard
• 1-inch (2.54cm) thick reversible deck
• Rust-free aluminium frame
• Titanium finish
• 55 x 160cm four-ply treadbelt
• Low 19.05cm step-up height
• 8.89cm diameter, 9.97kg steel rollers
• 226kg user weight capacity
• 91 x 210cm footprint

• Reversing belt direction with hand-held remote stop-start switch
• Hand-held remote stop-start switch
• Shorter Handrails for use with the LiteGait Partial Weight Bearing System
• L8 Orthopaedic Suspension System
• 100 micro-amp Hospital Isolation Leakage Kit
• Accutrack contact heart-rate monitoring system

Landice Rehab Treadmill Range Brochure Landice Rehab Treadmill Range Brochure (1908 KB)


    RehabRunner Med2.50 Rehabilitation TreadmillRehabRunner Med2.50 Rehabilitation Treadmill

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