LiteGait Veterinary Model

Research on adults and children with neurological disorders has shown that utilizing the concepts of Body Weight Support treadmill training (also known as Partial Weight Bearing Treadmill Training) can be an effective method in training or retraining patients to walk. Several years ago an innovative doctor of veterinary medicine who was also trained as a physical therapist asked if these concepts could be transferred to companion animals. The answer has resulted in the LiteGait®-V model (LiteGait-Veterinary). This unit can be used for quadrupeds weighing up to 200 pounds. The unit supports the trunk of the animal so that varying amounts of weight can be put on the limbs during gait training. Harnesses of different sizes are available for optimal fitting to individual animals. A battery operated lift mechanism allows for positioning for a wide range of body sizes from small to giant breed dogs. The unit can be utilized to assist the animal in moving over ground or over a slow moving treadmill. In addition, in veterinary practice, the LiteGait-V has the advantage of serving as a transfer device to assist handlers in lifting the animal into standing position.


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LiteGait 200V

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