LiteGait Testimonials

Once in a while, we get feedback from LiteGait® users that reminds us why we do what we do. We're happy to share some of those stories with you here.

"I look at myself and my intellect is clear, my internal organs are fine, i'm back to my original weight 175, i have muscle tone everywhere and no major atrophy, my core strenghth is improving and my two arms are working almost equally. Its due to the equipment and what it does to give injured people a fighting chance for getting strength and balance back for their physical lives. Thank You !"

- J. Efhan, Kauai, HI

"Through the use of the LiteGait and the prayers to God, I have gained an increase in hope and faith that my walking will improve. Also the "Plateau" was removed from my physician and therapist vocabulary when referring to my illness. On July 15, 2008, I restarted my physical therapy [...] in New Orleans. We are using the LiteGait device, and I can honestly say that the best prescription for my recovery process is the LiteGait (It has no side effects only miraculous effects)."

- T. Giffin, New Orleans, LA

"Hello. I am writing to tell you how spectacularly your product has helped my son Jeffrey. Jeffrey has been rehabilatating from a severe hemmoraghe in the Pons of his brainstem. We heard of your product about two years ago. I had talked with another mom who raved about it and said it was way better than any walker she had used. I did some research and realized she was absolutely correct. It took me just about a year to get the State of Arizona to agree and fund it for my son. We have been working daily on it since we got it. Jeffrey has had two orthopedic surgeries and was able to recover very quickly due to the Lite-Gait. I have seen tremendous progress in balance and core strength and correct gait pattern all due to your Lite-Gait. I only wish I had this from day one. I tell other moms and therapists the great results we have had and encourage them to check it out. Thank you for making an amazing product that is user friendly and 100% effective!"

- H. Bristol

"The Litegait is a tremendous asset to our program. Patients feel more confident and are able to achieve goals more efficiently using this device."

- PT, Jackson, MS

"My daughter had not walked in 3 1/2 years. She has been on the lite gait and has been walking for 1 month , 5-6- times a day with a walker. She has made tremendous progress and our goal is for her to walk independently."

- J. Busby

"We ordered and received LiteGait back in 1997. My son was in a terrible car accident in 1995 and the doctors gave little to no hope of him ever walking again. He had a brain injury that affected his function on his left side, much like a stroke victim. They told us that he would be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. Our son used LiteGait regularly in our home in those early years and we credit much of his recovery to using the LiteGait. We were lucky to have LiteGait in the home for him to use regularly and continued to use it over the years. Once he realized he was safe, he was able to work on regaining his balance & strength & coordination, and he progressed from there. He now walks using a cane or a walker, depending on what he is doing in his home. We have since donated our LiteGait to a local Childrens Center in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, and they were most grateful to receive it so that their patients can now get the benefits from LiteGait. The device is so durable, that after us using it for 10+ years, it was still in great condition."

- F.N., LiteGait customer, Canada

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