An Interactive Full-Body Stroke Rehabilitation System now available in Australia

FitMi For Clinics

Make Therapy Fun for Your Patients!

FitMi is an interactive exercise tool for Occupational and Physical Therapy. FitMi adds both fun and intensity to each therapy session.

FitMi was designed as a fun tool and built specifically for rehab with clinicians and patients in mind. It provides multi-sensory auditory, visual, and haptic feedback to keep patients engaged.

With FitMi you use two wireless rechargeable ergonomic and durable Pucks to perform effective rehabilitation exercises in our interactive RehabStudio application.

The Pucks can detect unique movements like rolling, twisting, stacking, and grip force. Each puck contains 10 different sensors that accurately track your patients’ movements, adding a whole new dimension to therapy!

The FitMi RehabStudio App contains a library of exercises commonly used for motor recovery that may be either used with a computer or tablet. 
FitMi Measures 40 Full Body Exercises with 10 Difficulty Levels

FitMi is tunable to all stages of recovery following stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, or other neurological injury.

Exercises for FitMi range from passive stretching exercises to more complex functional upper and lower extremity exercises.

You can also tune the difficulty of each exercise so that your patients are always optimally challenged.

• Multi-sensory feedback (visual, auditory, and haptic feedback)
• Versatile muscle group selections (hand, arm, legs, and trunk)
• Custom programme creation (the possibilities are endless)

FitMi makes it easy to motivate your patients to exercise!

Simple to Setup : Easy to Use

The clinic version of RehabStudio (the software that comes with FitMi) lets you create a custom regimen for individual patients.

Step 1: Select a User
There are no limits on the amount of saved users per station. Clinics can set their own default password for each station.

Step 2: Create a programme for the patient.
Pick from a library of 40 exercises for the whole body. Select the number of reps for each exercise and select the duration of the session. You can select up to 10 exercises per regimen. Programmes are automatically saved each time to you log in.

Step 3: Start Exercising
Patients use the blue and yellow pucks to follow the exercise shown on the screen. The picture shown moves as the patient performs the exercise correctly. A dynamic exercise bar moves on the right hand side of the screen and shows the patient how many more reps they need to complete. Once the first exercise is completed, patients can retry that exercise or move to the next exercise in the programme.

Step 4: View Results.
Patients can easy track how well they did at each exercise and try to beat their high score. Clinicians can also track long term gains in our analytics screen.

Step 5: Increase Challenge
As your patients improve each day, you can customize their regimen and add more challenging exercises.

Supporting Clinical Evidence

Massed Practice
Increasing the number of exercise repetitions that stroke survivors practice during rehabilitation leads to an improved recovery.

In pilot studies with FitMi, users performed 12 times more exercise repetitions than the average for conventional therapy.

Multi-Modal Feedback
Providing stroke survivors with both immediate and long-term feedback on their performance can significantly improve their recovery.

FitMi provides immediate visual, auditory, and haptic feedback as patients exercise, as well as daily summaries and long-term performance trends.

Adaptive Challenge
Recovery after stroke is enhanced when patients are challenged at an appropriate level (i.e. the “Challenge Point Framework”).

FitMi incorporates an adaptive challenge algorithm that automatically adjusts the duration and intensity of exercise users perform based on their ability.

Motivating Interface
Compliance to conventional home-based rehabilitation programs is notoriously low.
FitMi uses innovative movement sensors and interactive gaming elements that are clinically proven to sustain motivation to exercise over a long period of time.

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