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Rehab Technology brings you an extensive range of Exercise Bikes available in Australia for Rehabilitation, Medical, Physiotherapy and Fitness . We focus on bikes with slow starting speeds, great stability, easy accessibility, comfort and other safety features making them more suitable for hospital and clinical use in Physiotherapy Private and Public use.

Monark LT2 Upright Easy Access Watts Bike

Monark LT2 Upright Easy Access Watts Bike is perfect training equipment suitable for serious training both traditional cardio training and interval training.

Price including GST: // Price including GST:

Unique resistance controls, rapid and easy to adjust without using a knob. Fixed steps and SPRINT function enables unique possibilities for qualitative training and warm up.

New display for improved sharpness, double pulse system, USB port for PC and instant showing of WATT.

Step less adjustment for handlebars and seat to optimise the seating position for cyclist, independent from sport of interest.

Calibration of resistance is possible and demands no external electricity source.

    Monark LT2 Upright Easy Access Watts Bike

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