At RehabTechnology we choose Brands that we know and trust in terms of their quality, reliability and ongoing endurance in a professional setting.

We are Distributors of the Worlds Leading Exercise Products specifically engineered for Rehab: APT, BodySolid, Endurance, Horizon, LiteGait, Matrix, PhysioTrainer, Reebok, PhysioStep, PhysioTrainer Table, PhysioMax, Theraband, Vision to name just a few...

APT Active Passive Trainer ... A line of unique rehabilitation training machines, innovatively designed for both active and passive workouts.

SportsArt ... manufacturers a complete range of Cardiovascular and Strength Training Equipment particularly suited to fitness and rehabilitation, physiotherapy gyms, cardiac rehab, cardio pulmonary and allied health facilties. SportsArt Treadmills, SportsArt Recumbent Bikes, SportsArt Upright Bikes, SportsArt Elliptical Cross Trainers, SportsArt Steppers, SportsArt Strength Equipment can be found across Australia in many facilities:

LiteGait ... The LiteGait family of products has provided a safe and effective environment for walking therapy for over a decade. As the original partial weight bearing therapy device, LiteGait has forever altered gait therapy techniques, as well as expectations of outcome.

ERGO-FIT ... manufactures, develops and markets cycle and arm ergometers and exercise bikes for upper and lower body cardiovascular training.  ERGO-FIT's largest customer groups are within health care, sports medicine, public authorities, industry and postal services.

PhysioStep & PhysioTrainer ... The PhysioStep & PhysioTrainer products are the latest innovations in exercise technology. They were developed after years of extensive research to find cost effective quality trainers whilst providing stress-free, effective and low-impact workouts! :

Reebok ... The new Reebok accessory ranges feature unique design and innovative technology designed to be functional and practical yet stylish and contemporary:

Matrix ... A Series of Strength & Cardio Products that are Inclusive Fitness Acredited for all users including those less abled in wheelchairs:

SportsArt ... From treating the most acute neurological or post-operative conditions, to training world-class athletes, SportsArt Rehabilitation & Wellness Treadmills are the world’s most versatile solutions for rehabilitative, medical, and sports conditioning therapy:

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