The Industry's First Commercial Grade Individual & Group Standing Exercise, Stretching, Rehabilitation, Stair Training & High Level Balance Training Station.

Designed by an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Physical Therapist.

Providing a Safer Environment for Exercise and Rehabilitation Specifically for People with Balance Problems.

What is the BalanceGym?

The BalanceGym® is a revolutionary patented commercial grade exercise & high level balance training device, designed by an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Physical Therapist specifically for people with balance problems

  • The BalanceGym provides a stationary, safe, non-threatening environment facilitating fun, independent and advanced exercise and rehabilitation.
  • The BalanceGym provides the necessary "tool" for actively aging adults and those with balance problems to participate in individual and social group exercise programs that are designed specifically for fall prevention, balance enhancement, increasing bone density, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and muscle strengthening.
  • Users can "self-spot" during exercise by simply placing their hands on the hand rests similar to a parallel bar.
  • This exercise station is space sensitive, stackable, height adjustable, and easily rolled to the desired location.
  • The BalanceGym allows a therapist or trainer to work in front of a group or right alongside an individual, guiding them through their program.
  • BalanceGym is Senior Adult friendly and increases the confidence of its users, allowing them to safely perform a variety of weight bearing exercises while reducing the anxiety and fear of falling.
  • The exercises performed using the BalanceGym help people improve standing balance as well as increase muscle and bone strength.
  • Exercises for the entire body can be performed using the BalanceGym.
  • Many current exercise programs and classes can be enhanced or modified to incorporate the BalanceGym, increasing member participation and retention.
  • BalanceGym accessories include a proprioceptive balance training foam surface, multi-level exercise BalanceStep, BalanceBelt and custom resistance bands that attach directly to the BalanceGym.

Conditions Benefiting from BalanceGym Exercise

  • Fall Risk Patients
    Fall prevention and balance enhancement classes reduce fall risk and are ideally suited for exercise using the BalanceGym
  • Osteoporosis / Osteopenia
    A variety of Weight Bearing exercise can be safely performed using the BalanceGym which can increase bone density
  • Stroke
    BalanceGym provides standing balance support after stroke for upper and lower extremity strengthening and balance exercises 
  • Hip and Knee Replacement
    The BalanceGym provides a stable, safe environment to perform exercises pre-operatively, post-operatively, in the hospital, during outpatient physical therapy and at home following joint replacement surgery
  • Neuromuscular Disease
    BalanceGym provides a stable, safe, environment for people with neuromuscular degenerative conditions(Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy) to help them perform exercises with or without assistance as may be necessary
  • Heart Disease
    Group and individual exercise classes that improve cardiovascular endurance can benefit from the support provided by the BalanceGym
  • Lower and Upper extremity Fractures
    TheBalanceGym can assist the rehabilitation of patients who are working on muscle strengthening and balance enhancement after fractures
  • Shoulder injuries
    Complete Rotator Cuff rehabilitative exercises and a variety of complementary shoulder exercises can be performed safely using the BalanceGym exercise resistance bands
  • Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)
    The BalanceStep provides the perfect accessory for proper plantar fascia stretching exercises.
  • Pregnancy
    Pregnant women encouraged by their doctors to exercise during their pregnancy, can exercise in the safety of the BalanceGym environment and feel more stable as they progress with their pregnancy
  • Vertigo
    BalanceGym provides a safe, stable, standing support for people exercising with vertigo
  • Visual Impairments
    Individuals with visual impairments can more safely exercise using the BalanceGym to perform a full complement of upper and lower extremity exercises
  • War Injuries
    Our injured Military men and women can benefit from the safe exercise environment created by the BalanceGym while they rehabilitate from their war injuries suffered defending us abroad
  • Depression
    Individual and group exercise that can be performed on BalanceGym has been shown to aid in the treatment of depression.

Where is The BalanceGym Used?

  • Fitness & Wellness Centers
    A rapidly growing, underserved client base can be accessed using the BalanceGym which can offer individual training or group exercise for those people with balance problems.
  • Physical Therapy Clinics
    The BalanceGym is a perfect addition to a Physical Therapy Clinic to safely assist patients with balance problems perform their rehabilitation and balance programs with limited space requirements.
  • Rehabilitation Centers
    Great for rehabilitation of all types of patients who require standing support during their rehab.
  • Assisted Living Facilities
    Many of the people in these facilities with their mobility difficulties and neuro-musculoskeletal conditions would greatly benefit from an exercise device made to help support them during exercise.
  • Aged Care Facilities / Skilled Nursing Facilities
    An Ideal location for the BalanceGym as patients in these facilities often have balance related problems.
  • Retirement / Community Centers / Senior Adult Living Communities
    Perfect for stimulating new classes and interest in the exercise facility of most community fitness or wellness centers.
  • Hospitals
    Made specifically for exercise right in the patient's room.
    Easily rolled room to room, and can be used and stored in the corner
  • Golf Clubs / Spa's / Cruise Ships / Hotel Fitness Centers
    A great place to have a BalanceGym to perform pre-golf Stretching and warm-ups
    Ideal for many Golf/Spa/Heath club rooms to allow for safer exercise.
  • Home
    The BalanceGym can be used right at home, to provide a safe whole body exercise program for people with balance problems.

BalanceGym Features and Accessories

  • The BalanceGym and its accessories have been designed based on recommendations from published scientific knowledge on proper balance exercise and years of personal experience with thousands of patients with balance impairments.
  • Resistance Bands & Attachment Rings
    Custom Resistance Bands and handles included connect to the BalanceGym's multiple Attachment Rings providing comprehensive upper extremity exercises.
  • Wheels & Positioning
    The BalanceGym moves easily by tilting forward and rolling it into position on its front wheels.  Several BalanceGyms can stack together to save space when not in use.
  • Accessory Console
    A multipurpose console is made to hold an exercise guide, magazines, keys, drinks or music players.
  • Height Adjustment Lever
    A large hand lever opens and closes to allow easy height adjustment of BalanceGym's hand rests.
  • Floor Levelers
    Adjustable threaded rubber feet maximise stability on uneven floors.
  • The BalanceStep
    The BalanceStep exercise accessory is reversible with a proprioceptive balance training foam surface on one side and a rigid skid resistant surface on the other.
  • The Multi-Level BalanceStep
    This stair training accessory attacheds on top of the BalanceStep and assists in advanced cardiovascular endurance exercise and stretching.
  • Stretching Pegs
    Assiste in balance exercises and increases flexibility of the Hamstrings, Calves, and the Quadriceps extensor mechanism.
  • BalanceBelt
    The BalanceBelt is an exercise lumbar support belt with integrated handles for an assistant to hold and spot the user while exercising.  A large front attachment ring allows the user to connect directly to the BalanceGym for added balance assistance.  Accessory attachment rings are incorporated into the belt for adding light weights.

BalanceGym Accessories Included

  • BalanceGym includes the Following Accessories:
  • Proprioceptive Balance Training Surface
  • Multi-Level Exercise BalanceStep
  • Exercise bands
  • BalanceBelt
  • The BalanceGym Proprioceptive Balance Training Surface was designed to create a proprioceptive training surface for the Vestibular System during Balance exercise. This dedicated large malleable soft surface on the bottom of the Balance Step fits securely into the base of the BalanceGym.
  • The BalanceGym Multi-Level Exercise BalanceStep is a high level two step stair training accessory easily secured within the BalanceGym base for rehabilitation, balance training and exercise.
  • Several attachable BalanceGym Exercise Bands designed for resistance training for the upper and lower extremities with varying lengths and thicknesses are included. The Exercise Bands can also attach the BalanceGym to the user by connecting to the BalanceBelt.
  • BalanceGym also allows a variety of exercises to be performed safely using common accessories you may have such as dumbbells, ankle and wrist weights, weighted vests, balance boards, wobble boards, exercise mats or other exercise and balance equipment.

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